We are People, Process and Technology!

Applied Business Consulting (ABC) is a global IT consulting firm that has emerged as a preferred business partner for leading Fortune 500 companies. We offer transformative solutions to enable clients to leverage their technological infrastructure and bring down operating costs. We have witnessed exponential growth in the past decade by leveraging our domain expertise and integrating it seamlessly with the client's core business value for impactful results.

Businesses nowadays depend heavily on technology to drive growth & improve productivity.

Our capabilities span a broad gamut comprising of:
Companies with capabilities to integrate technology assets derive substantial competitive advantage through effective decision-making. At Applied Business Consulting, we focus on delivering business value by developing implementable solutions through our highly qualified and experienced team focusing on an in-depth analysis of business needs

Headquartered in New York and having offices in Canada & India, our wide spectrum of service offerings have enabled us to emerge as a trusted partner for clients across industries such as Finance, IT, Healthcare & Telecom.


At ABC, we are singularly driven towards becoming the reference point in our core areas of operation, by designing transformative & impactful solutions for our stakeholders as well as the communities we operate in.


Our values are at the core of all our systems & processes as well as the guiding force behind our success.

ABC strongly focuses on a culture of commitment to excellence in all spheres, be it excellence in creating business centric solutions or overall project Delivery. At ABC, Customer Commitment is supreme, which is fulfilled by fostering an atmosphere that nurtures transparency & trust at all levels.

The driving principles governing all facets of ABC are:

  • Customer Commitment
  • Project Delivery Excellence & Business Centric Solutions
  • An atmosphere of mutual respect, transparency & honesty

Our Service Delivery Success enabling framework is built on the 3 pillars of People, Process and Technology & the strong interplay between them

Although our corporate office is in Manhattan, we have global reach including locations from Texas to Tibet and back. When finding top talent, we look under every rock, we recruit with a clear outline of needs and live up to every promise both written and even verbal. Which in turn speaks to how we keep our satisfied employees.

  • Our team of consultants has the flexibility and agility to be deployed, up scaled or descaled, an unmatched value proposition for our clients
  • We focus on results which are measurable and impactful.
  • We have one of the highest rates of repeat engagements in the industry
  • Our best-in-class team combines business ethics and business intelligence to deliver quality solutions, distilled from the team's rich experience of working in marquee organizations.
  • Professionalism & Affordability are our hallmarks.
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