We always strive
to deliver top notch,
affordable services.

Our transformative solutions are designed to provide businesses both, faster time to market, as well as reduction of operating costs by leveraging the technological infrastructure.

Our broad spectrum of services are integrated with the client's core business areas & cut across processes such as Securities & Risk Management, Software & ERP Solutions on the one hand & Strategic Staffing on the other, to deliver excellence at all levels of the value chain.

Our services span the following gamut:

Security & Risk Management

Our Security & Risk Management Consulting Services are aimed at countering the security challenges that are a byproduct of emerging technology trends. With our domain expertise, we are equipped to suggest suitable methodologies & industry specific frameworks to ensure seamless operations. At ABC, our Securities & Risk Management Framework comprises of the following processes:
  • Evaluating the nature of Risk
  • Identifying likely solutions to mitigate it
  • Aligning the best suited alternative, taking into account a range of factors including but not limited to a risk-return analysis.
  • Finally, evaluating the benefits periodically to ascertain that they match the benchmarks set earlier in the process.

Our robust systems & processes are fully equipped to address dynamic threats arising out of the use of emerging technologies. Our management level inputs not only drive overall security within an enterprise but also improve on the overall organizational approach towards security & risk management.

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Mobile Solutions

M-Commerce is turning out to becoming a revolution of sorts, with mobile phone penetration rising exponentially & the fundamental shift towards smart phones. With a growing mobile workforce & people joining decentralized workgroups, the need for functional apps cannot be underestimated. At ABC, we offer a wide range of mobile application development services that are platform agnostic. Our expertise lies not just in building mobile apps for any platform, but also successfully migrating existing products. We also specialize in integrating the apps into the company's existing infrastructure to ensure efficiency, scalability, and extensibility

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Enterprise Application Services

Our Enterprise Application Services are designed to help clients optimize their IT investments. Our expertise lies in not just providing business solutions but their seamless implementation, resulting in delivering overall profitability to the enterprise. Our Enterprise Application services span verticals such as Data Warehousing and Technology Integration. We leverage our domain expertise & the experience of working with companies across industry verticals to implement best- in- class processes, which not only result in business efficiencies but also help in enforcing standardization as well as improved workforce collaboration.

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Infrastructure Solutions

The key to an optimized business operation is that all aspects of the business should dovetail towards a common objective. To this end, at ABC, we provide Infrastructure Services that deliver end- to- end solutions.

Our IT Infrastructure Services leverage our expertise across verticals as well as our proprietary tools & framework to improve business performance & reduce costs.

Our services span areas such as Project Management, Security & Storage, delivered towards achieving the goal of improving service speed as well as flexibility in adaptation. All our services follow an iterative model with constant benchmarking & review.

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Managed Services

A whole range of support services from ABC, are aimed at strengthening the company's existing IT resources. To this end, we provide solutions such as: Our Managed Services are aimed at:
  • Reducing Cost
  • Institutionalizing Processes
  • Improving Productivity
  • Increasing Technology Interface vis-a vis Human Interface

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Microsoft Solutions

At ABC, our unique combination of cutting edge technologies, domain expertise and seamless implementation skills enable us to strengthen the entire Microsoft Enterprise Software Universe, to produce quantifiable results. Our Microsoft Solution span the following gamut:
  • Surface Solutions
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Dot Net Application Development
  • Core Infrastructure

Our highly experienced technical team is equipped to offer turnkey services that streamline the technology operations while strengthening the functionality as well as strategic linkages.

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Software Development

As a leading SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) provider, ABC plays a key role in helping businesses accelerate innovation. Our best-in-class applications, are known for their credibility & elasticity to suit business requirements. Our on demand applications have a keen focus on security as well as ease of application. In choosing ABC, you are choosing a trusted provider with:
  • Technical Expertise & extensive domain knowledge
  • Rich Industry wide experience
  • Overall commitment to customer satisfaction & excellence

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SAP Services

At ABC, we do not just offer SAP Technology but a holistic solution that addresses the specific needs of your business. Our strength lies in our passionate team, that understands your requirements & then leverages their experience of SAP implementation across a range of industries, to offer you unlimited value. Our dual objective is to offer you optimal value at highly affordable price points.

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Strategic Staffing

At ABC, we believe that trained manpower has a very crucial role to play in the successful running of any operation. To this end, our strategic staffing service arms you with planning, acquiring & optimizing talent across functions. With our strategic staffing services businesses stand to benefit from the infusion of relevant talent that fits the role, while not compromising on cost optimization.

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Consulting Services

ABC offers a complete comprehensive range of consulting services to help analyze your business requirements for effective implementation of software solutions. Our consulting services cover:

  • Strategy planning
  • Assessments
  • Procurement
  • Re-engineering solutions
  • Planning, audits, best practices etc.

Our consulting services emphasize our holistic approach in solving clients business and IT problems, flexibility around the vendor/client relationship, pricing and packaging, the ability to assist in corporate transformation and agility, as well as commitment to creativity and innovation.

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Business Intelligence

The absence of an all-pervasive business intelligence system can have far reaching consequences such as:

  • Organization wide risks
  • Decline in efficiency
  • Impact on customer relationships
  • Our Business Intelligence services aim at distilling information & providing a strong decision making framework. To this end, we provide:
  • Process Solutions
  • Technology Solutions

The above not only give a strategic direction to businesses but also help in aligning processes with business goals.

ABC Business Intelligence is committed to continuous development of quality solutions that maximize client benefits and delivers a full spectrum of solutions and services for projects that span technology, platform and solution consulting. Depending on a client current state we recommend, configure and deliver the most appropriate services that will meet organization goals and bring in maximum business benefits.

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Cloud Computing

The mention of the word "Cloud" or "Cloud Computing" evokes mixed feelings in the technologists and corporate world of today. Since the 60s, Cloud computing has gone through several evolutionary phases from grid and utility computing, to the application service provider (ASP) model, to the current Software-as-a- Service (SaaS).The ever increasing need to do more with less continues to drive interest and adoption of the Cloud. Cloud computing offers a model for on-demand access to share computing resources, configurable networks, servers, storage, applications and services which can be rapidly provisioned. The idea is to provide a flawless data processing capacity.

ABC provides Cloud Computing solutions in the three distinct models:

  • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service): This package offers a scalable computing capacity. Its interface level is about the operating system (OS). It is then possible to use its own way by installing server software, database, and applications.
  • PAAS (Platform as a Service): This model offers a higher degree of superiority that provides IAAS: it provides the hardware platform, Operating System (OS) software and all associated servers: application servers, databases, etc. It is therefore a complete software platform on which it is possible to develop your own applications or migrate. These systems are based on standard environments and multi-technologies (J2EE, NET, and PHP). These systems provide an environment more complete exploitation by providing solutions for load balancing, monitoring, and management.
  • SAAS: Software as a Service: This model allows the rental services offered by applications made by the supplier of the solution, which can be consumed by users. This offer is not only offers hardware and software platforms on which we can deploy our own applications, but also provides ready to use applications, hosted by the operator of the solution. It is therefore simply use online software where everything is completely transparent to the user. Our principle of cloud computing is built on:
    • The principles of pooling resources
    • The scalability of resources
    • Adaptation of the capacity on demand
    • Billing - Pay For What You Use

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Web Portal

ABC assists companies of all sizes in designing and developing Web Portals and underlying infrastructure that will make your customer interactions more effective, streamline the operation, reduce the cost and, in turn, increase your company's revenues.

What are Web portal capabilities?

  • Content Management
  • Document management and distribution
  • User Management
  • Content distribution depending on the user privileges and access level
  • Calendar of events
  • Inventory management
  • Product catalogs
  • Ecommerce
  • Order management
  • Forums
  • Chats
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Feedback forms
  • Customer Service
  • Human resources
  • Accounting
  • Workflow
  • Inter-business interactions

We deliver multiple Web Portal Design solutions, amongst which:

  • Business intelligence portals
  • Corporate portals
  • Ecommerce Portals
  • B2B Ecommerce Portals
  • Content management portals
  • Knowledge Management portals
  • Social Networks

Benefits of web portal design,

  • gain new customers
  • streamline the operations
  • reduce the cost of business operations (Administration, Training, Communications, Travel)
  • increase the employee productivity ( produce greater results with limited personnel resources)
  • improve the inter-business interactions
  • improve the inter-department collaboration
  • improve the Customer Service

What is web portal?

Web Portals are browser-based applications that enable activities including connecting business processes within the business and across the supply chain by unifying access to structured and unstructured data, integrating applications to support the business processes as well as effectively integrating back-office applications and providing access to real-time, current and consistent information.

How we do Web Portal Design

ABC strongly believes in a holistic approach to Web Portal design and full cycle Web Portal design and Web Portal development services. We build strong relationships with our clients and help you to grow and succeed. Think of us as an extension of your company, providing expertise in web technology. We focus on Customer needs by listening to your issues, identifying your business objectives, defining the solution strategy and creating implementation plan for the Web Portal Design.

ABC considers the following aspects when carrying out a Web Portal design project:

  • Staff in different departments requires totally different and distinct data, which is about customization. Customization also ensures both that they do not miss anything, and that they are not overwhelmed with irrelevant information.
  • Different people with the same role, work differently, which requires personalization.
  • Users need direct access to the information required for their daily work while usability must cater to speed and user friendliness.
  • For security reasons, users access the data they are entitled to with centralized control mechanism (single sign on, connect once - access everywhere).
  • Collection and propagation of data helps in the process of making better-informed management decisions.
  • Business applications can interact via the Portal, (e.g. the skill-base information system with the Personnel database) and data can then be passed via the portal using federation.

Additional types of web portals:

  • Federated portals for corporations requiring a de-centralized network of inter-working portals, i.e. accessing the same content sources and sharing the same levels of security.
  • Horizontal enterprise portals providing broad access to many types of repositories and generic application-integration features. Horizontal enterprise portals service the needs of an entire community of users with no business functionality included.
  • Vertical enterprise portals focus on a specific application or business function or the collaboration for employees. They are usually associated with packaged applications
  • ommitted to continuous development of quality solutions that maximize client benefits and delivers a full spectrum of solutions and services for projects that span technology, platform and solution consulting. Depending on a client current state we recommend, configure and deliver the most appropriate services that will meet organization goals and bring in maximum business benefits.

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